Teach a Million


First F&F library built in 2020

Help 1 million dyslexic
children to read by 2030

Help 10 million dyslexic
children to read by 2040

Help 100 million dyslexic
children to read by 2050


Enable more teachers to more effectively tutor motivated children 

Technology aided
Remote tutoring and games – effectively connecting those in need with quality reading tutors online – while providing an increasing number of tutors with extra income.


More than 10% of children face reading difficulty – even smart kids with high potential attending good schools. Proven solutions have existed for decades, but are most often limited by lack of access to well trained reading tutors.


Raising funds for free libraries and education of children in need.

Donating $5 per mile walked or run by Inca Vikings, per ocean swim outside summer and for each yoga class taught by the kids to their grandparents

Library equipment, computers, toys, books and more than $2200 raised
and donated so far.

Healthy Purpose

“What doesn’t kill you”: Building family stamina with a purpose by hiking, biking, rock climbing, adventure racing or swimming outdoors every day of the year

You can activate your own family health and well-being today by making similar pledges to healthy habits and good causes of your choosing!

Teach to Teach

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day – if you teach him to fish, you feed him for life”

What if we teach one
hundred people how to
train more and better reading tutors?

What if each of them pledged to train 50 more – and we connected them all to those in need of good reading tutors?

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